Lockerbie Childminding FAQS

How long have you worked with children?

I am a trained Nursery Nurse and have worked for the last 25 years all over the world with children as a nanny and childminder.

When did you become a childminder?

I was registered in May 2009.

How many children can you take at a time?

I am registered for 6 children, 4 under primary school age on of whom is under the age of 1 year.
However it is only during the school holidays that I come close to six.

When are you open?

Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

What do you charge?

Please call for current fees. I work with contracts provided by the SCMA which detail fees, what is provided, when I am paid and the notice period.

My child is allergic to pets! Do you have any?

No, my home is a pet free and smoke free environment.

Do you have a settling in period and how much does it cost?

Yes I do - about a month or so before a child starts I like to have 2-4 settling in 'Playtimes'. These sessions are FREE.

Can I get help with the costs?

Yes you can! 'Working Tax Credit' help anyone who works enough weekly hours who are eligible - phone HM Revenue / Tax Credit helpline 0845 3003900.

Do you offer only full time cover?

No I offer half day, term time only and wrap around care - this is all tailored to suit your needs.

On your last inspection what marks did you get?

5 + 6, Very Good & Excellent - see the Care Inspectorate website. Phone Hazel 07812 210 760

How many weeks are you open a year?

48 weeks

What holidays do you take?

4 full weeks. I close between Christmas and New Year usually for a week and Bank Holidays and then 3 weeks through the year.

Do you charge extra for playgroups or fuel costs?

No that is in the all inclusive price as is Dalscone, ice cream treats and summer outings.

What is not included?

Nappies, wipes, sunscreen, nappy sacks, formula.

What does my child need to bring?

Wellies, nappies, wipes, sunscreen, 2 changes of clothing, waterproofs if raining, warm winter clothes when cold, lots of energy.

What qualifications do you have?

I am a trained Nursery Nurse (NNEB) 25+ years experience with children which is by far the best training, first aid, play with a purpose, MNT training and I stay current with the Scottish Childminding training and the training provided by Dumfries and Galloway Council.

When are you paid?

I am paid weekly, one week in advance by Direct Debit





Thanks for everything.
Hazel is totally responsible and reliable.
He just loves coming to play.
What a transformation in just a month.
Dylan just loves his time with you.